Hi, I’m Will Mattox. I’m a Sticker Maker from Wildomar California. Even though I was born and raised on tacos it wasn’t until 2016 when I started making my silly Taco Slayer logos into stickers did my love become an obsession. In July of 2019 I decided to change the course of my life and attempt eat tacos for 1000 days straight, document it, and see what happens.

Every day I make another taco and sometimes it’s a culinary masterpiece, sometimes its just left overs, sometimes its on the peak of a mountain with my dog, sometimes its in the kitchen with my family, sometimes its on our podcast with someone thousands of miles away but everyday its different. Over 890 days down and I’ve met some really great people, gone on some incredible adventures and had some awesome conversations so let’s see what happens tomorrow. Thank you for following along and If you love tacos as much as me then you’re a Taco Slayer too.