F*ck Expensive Hiking Boots & Shorts

DSC_0211When I started hiking regularly my Converse Chucks were about the worst thing I could walk in. Basically like hiking in Ninja shoes that would get wet easily and turn in to dangerous slipnslide shoes. NOT SAFE FOR CREEK CROSSINGS. My solution was pure luck. After a couple stops into local thrift stores I found this slightly used pair of timberlands. They weren’t broken in yet and felt ohhhhh so comfy. The price tag on these bad boys were $15. I’ve put well over 150 hard miles on these f*ckers and their still solid. DSC_0361

The chances of finding hiking pants in a thrift store are extremely limited, but if you’re looking to hiking stylish shorts keep in mind that hiking pants are usually polyester or nylon. Coincidently the exact same type of materials typically found in swim shorts. So I picked up a sweet ‘Merica flag pair and cut out the nut sack netting to get these things dialed 100%.DSC_0789

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