Pumpkin Rock? Worth the time.

First off, this place was PACKED!!!DSC_0362

Located in Norco, CA at about 700ft above sea level sits a wanna-be-graf-artists playground. With it being so close to Halloween everybody insisted on making this trek a group event. We encountered clowns, storm troopers, bacon strips, and a handful slutty princesses. DSC_0335

The “hike” up was intimidating in the fog, but the dog was unaffected. RISK IT FOR THE BISCUIT!DSC_0345

All the huge boulders made great pallets for breakfast yoga. After a 30 min wait to stand infront of the Jack skelepumpkin and take a couple slayer shots we head right back the way we came.


The Pumpkin Rock Taco Slayers: Shannon, Will, Tori, Charlie, and LMP on the cambam. Definitely worth the experience of checking out all the political messages on the rocks. Some were idiotic, some were powerful, and some brought a huge smile to your face.


We won’t be going back any time soon but you should check it out.



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