Day 235!!! What a fun day it was. The dog and I got up early to meet a large group of hiking friends at Vulcan Mountain in Julian, CA. The hike was short (5 miles) but it was completely new to me and well worth it to hike with Jaguar Hikes, H1gh Hikers, Trail Blazers, and Unity Hikers all at one spot. I was afraid I wouldn’t get the chance to eat a taco at all so I stopped at McDonalds and tried to construct a taco out of the Breakfast meal…..I’m sorry. It turned out that I did make it in time to have dinner with the family. VEGAN SATURDAY!!!! We made my favorite vegan dish, Crack Broccoli Tacos. These tacos are extremely easy to make and don’t take long to make….unless there’s somebody try to record every moment. Thanks for stopping by Taco Slayers!!! Grab a free sticker at our instagram page. #eattacoseveryday

Crack Broccoli Taco Recipe:  https://www.rabbitandwolves.com/vegan…


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