Day 310: Evil al pastor tacos!! After drooling over the instagram profile of @evil_cooks for well over 2 years, I finally made the journey to try out the illusive Black Trompo Al Pastor and the 1 of kind La Bruja Flan Taco. Was the wait worth it? HELL YES IT WAS! The black trompo is pork marinaded in a Yucatan style recaudo negro and packed full of spice and flavor. After killing a half dozen tacos I turned my attention to the La Bruja or the flan taco. Its made with a hybrid tortilla, flan, coconut candy, orange peel, mint and it is freaking next level delicious. Do yourself a favor and check out @evil_cooks @pobre.diablo and @labrujadel87 for their pop up times and locations especially if you’re in the Los Angeles area. 310 days eating tacos straight and this is by far the best taco I’ve ever had. Thank you Alex and Elvia! #1000daysoftacos @ Los Angeles, California

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