TACO DAY 497/1000


There’s something that not a lot of people know about me. There’s something that’s been private for along time but I think we should talk about now that I’m about to round over the half way mark into my taco journey.

For me, this was my traditional taco growing up. With out fail every single week throughout my childhood would be a night of chile dogs, a night of hamburger helper, a night of porkchops, followed by Dad’s bbq chicken, a night of fast food or pizza, a night of spaghetti and then a night of crunchy ground beef taco masterpieces.

Those evenings my dad would would buy a package of “taco seasoning”, low priced corn tortillas, pre shredded cheese and some salad fixings like tomatoes, lettuce, and some avocado. He would grab a bottle of his favorite hot sauce and warn me about how much spice it would give the tacos then suggesting I grab some milk just “in case”. So to celebrate the traditions in my house as a child, I concocted a very similar dish. The tortillas were fried up the same, slowly shaping them as they crisp up trying to avoid as much spash back as possible. The meat was ground beef but wasn’t seasoned with those 99 cent packages from the spice aisle instead I used @tacticalories Bad Hombre seasoning mix for some better quality flavors. My pops didn’t use sour cream but he had no idea how useful it is to keep your meat glued to the tortilla. After dropping in some cheese, mashed avocado, and tomatoes I added some Bad Hombre Hot Sauce and little dusting of cotija.

This is clearly not an example of an authentic taco but if you’ve hung out with my family on any given tuesday in the last 30 years you’d probably find your self with a belly full of these wicked little tacos that over-time have become a pretty cool tradition in our kitchen.


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