TACO DAY 675/1000Teriyaki Chicken tacos

TACO DAY 675/1000

Teriyaki Chicken tacos

I have been dreaming about making this taco for a while now and I’m stoked with how tasty it ended up being.

First I prepped up the stir fry/fajita mixture with mung bean sprouts, onions, green peppers, jalapenos, broccoli and carrots. I added a little oil, salt, pepper, @blackstoneproducts Sweet Teriyaki seasonings.

Next I seasoned my chicken with salt and pepper then dropped it onto the grill. While flame cooking the pollo I mixed together a homemade Teriyaki sauce with soy sauce, brown sugar, mirin, pepper, fresh ginger and sweet red onion.

As the Teriyaki sauce thickened and the meat was finishing up I heated up my stir fry pan and began to cook my veggies.

Putting the taco together with a red hot chile oil cooked tortilla and a huge pile of vegetables followed by a massive amount of Teriyaki coated chicken slices and topped it with spicy cream sauce I made from mayo, sour cream, lime and @hi_spice GUAVA LAVA. Finally I sprinkled on some sesame seeds and green onions before SMASHING these tacos with a quickness.


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