TACO DAY 679/1000


It’s been a while since we fried up some puffy corn tortillas and it was time we made those delicious flakey shells. The tortillas are arguably the most time consuming part of the this taco recipe so saved those for last and if they sit around for to long they’ll Crack on you so it’s best if they’re eaten fresh.

First I mixed up 3 cups of dried corn masa and mixed it up with some water, salt, red peppers and a little hot sauce. Next I dropped 2 lbs of ground beef on to a skilled and began my cook. While the meat sizzled away I prepped all the toppings: diced tomatoes, shredded lettuce and cheese, chopped onions, and by the time I was done my ground beef was ready also.

The tortillas get puffy by placing the the raw flattened tortilla masa into a pan full of hot oil. It takes less than 30 seconds and you have to manipulate the tortillas shape the entire time. Big surprise that all the puffy tortillas are shaped and sized differently. Once a tortilla is PUFFED we drop in all the acutraments and serve Hot.

I pulled out all the hot sauces I recently purchased at my local grocery outlet and made it rain on these tacos.   Soooooo freaking good.


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