TACO DAY 747/1000


Every once in a while we go way left with our taco creations and I think these Miso marinated new york steak tacos are exactly that.

I started off these tacos by seasoning the steaks with salt and pepper. While they warm up to room temperature I whipped up the “after cooked” miso marinade(recipe at bottom).

Next I dropped the steaks onto a really hot cast iron skillet until done with a beautiful medium pink finish. While the meat was hot I placed it into a pan full of marinated where I let it rest while I whipped up a cabbage slaw.

The slaw was simply made up of sliced cabbage and carrots with @mccormickspice
Crushed red peppers, rice vinegar, salt and pepper. I also made a quick mixture of Wasabi paste and mayo to crank up the heat on this sweet taco.

Using some flour tortillas I piled on the ingredients. First a spread of Wasabi mayo followed by a hand full of cabbage slaw then miso steak and a few more dabs of the Wasabi mixture. Soooooo tasty!

mix all ingredients together and pour over cooked steak:
3 tbsp red miso paste
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp avo oil
1 tbsp rice vinegar
And whisk


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