TACO DAY 768/1000


With the house to myself for the evening I decided to grill up a ridiculously large taco dinner.

Firstly I seasoned up some arracherra steak meat with @mccormickspice Tasty Jazzy seasoning before starting up and cooking it on the @charbroilgrills . Next I wrapped up bacon together with jalapeno and queso fresco.

On the grill I placed in my beef, bacon wrapped rollies, some corn, and a few Anaheims.

These tacos came together on a flour tortilla. I stacked in the meat, Anaheim peppers, cilantro, fed onions, a little queso and finially a fat drizzling of the Minnesota brewed @crybabycraigs Habanero & garlic hot sauce. This sauce definitely packed a killer punch but didn’t overwhelm the tacos. Definitely a solid sauce and a wicked dinner.


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