TACO DAY 843/1000


A few months back @mccormickspice created an absolute dream job position within their company called the “Director of Taco Relations”. They were searching for the taco enthusiast who had all the skills and tools to take on such a task. While many, including myself, applied for this position only one tacoholic was going to get it and holy smokes did they pick the right person for the job.

Jo Luna , from El Paso Texas , was selected from thousands and thousands of entry’s. She and her husband, Javier, were already traveling around hunting the greatest tacos on their side of Texas but now their taco coverage was going to expand a little. While they were in San Diego recently we had the opportunity to meet up at @eatpuesto and destroy a few tacos together.

Once our tacos came to the table we really got to see some insight as to why Jo was picked. Javier pulled out the camera and Jo went right into expertly detailing each taco and the adventure that brought them to Puestos in the first place. They filmed and they photographed and we talked, joked and slayed the heck out of these tacos.

We ordered up a filet mignon taco , a carnitas taco, a baja taco and a tuna taco. These were some of the fanciest tacos we’ve ever consumed. Each one came in a blue corn hand pressed tortilla and was absolutely filled with fresh ingredients.

I was blown away by the carnitas taco more than anything. The super slow cooked carnitas was rolled in a cheese crisp and covered in a spicy avocado sauce after delicately being placed into the tortilla.

It was a real honor to have a taco session with @jo_annieee and Javier. A huge thank you goes out to @eatpuesto for the hospitality.

Congratulations to the #directoroftacorelations !


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