TACO DAY 845/1000


I was browsing the interwebz looking for the most insane sandwich ever so I could turn it into a taco and I came across this wild looking pork belly sandi I had to try out.

Luckily I had a couple pounds of @adaptablemeals brown sugar pork belly that was going to be perfect for this recipe. The pork belly cooks real slow so an hour and 15 min would be spent in the oven at 300°. This gave me ample time to finish up the accoutrements that would really make this taco pop.

Firstly I wanted to make some carmalized onions and that took some time as the onions also need to be cooked real slow so they don’t get burnt. Once they became the perfect golden color I mixed in a little soy sauce and fish sauce to bring out the flavor.

Next I made a spicy cucumber relish using habanero seasoning, red garlic seasoning, crushed red peppers, lime juice, soy sauce, sesame oil and fish sauce inside a huge pile of chopped and skinned cucumbers and jalapenos.

As my pork belly finished, I heated up some Sonora style flour tortillas and melted a little mozzarella cheese to its surface and piled the chopped pork belly in. I mounted this taco up with both the cucumber concoction and carmalized onions before a sprinkle of cilantro rained down followed by a major storm drizzle of @mariesharpsusa BELIZEAN HEAT.

Soooo much flavor and such a unique tasting taco. 


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