TACO DAY 874/1000


We tried out something completely new and absolutely delicious, we made LOBSTER tacos at home!

First I built up a tasty slaw with shredded green cabbage, raddishes, cilantro, red bell peppers, lime juice and mayo. Next I watched several YouTube videos on how to prepare lobster tail and i opted to grill them the on my @charbroilgrills .

15 min over some flames and then I brushed on a delightful Mixture of butter, garlic and herbs. Finally, I piled my slaw into a few homemade flour tortillas and placed a tails worth of meat on top. The hotsauce I chose for this tacos is the Michelin rated Garlic Pepper Sauce of @mariesharpsusa which really separated these lobster tacos from lobster rolls.

Unfortunately we destroyed these tacos, no leftovers folks. 😞


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