TACO DAY 882/1000Tacos dorados

TACO DAY 882/1000

After my sister’s trip to Belize a few months back, she came back with a few local habanero sauces for me to try out. Along with bringing back one of my favorites from @mariesharps she also hooked up this Maya Fyah from the Gallon Jug Estate.

I could find very little on the company but that didn’t stop me from utilizing this orange habanero sauce on a few unsuspecting tacos.

Last week I made 30+ ground beef dorados and the ones we didn’t eat we frozen to airfried up later. And once I heated these guys up I drizzled in sour cream, Vinegar tossed cilantro and cabbage, lime soaked mexican onion, along with a whole bunch of Maya Fyah! The sauce was not very hot but had such a solid flavor and it really complimented these tacos well.


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