TACO DAY 915/1000


I was a little too anxious with my box of @cutinosauce and I couldn’t wait to try each sauce one by one as the ghost was just incredible. The solution was to make my favorite tacos that lend themselves well to being drenched in sauce, ground beef deep fried tacos dorados .

These tacos start off with some butcher’s blend ground beef seasoned up with @meatchurch Fajita seasoning and with an egg for a binder. A scoop of ground beef goes into an @elcomalproducts corn tortilla and into the oil.

Once golden, I top them with a drizzle of mexican creama, sliced and vinegar soaked cabbage, and lime soaked red onions. Atop each taco I drizzled in each Cutino Sauce to get a proper feel for each one.

The chipotle had medium heat and a mild smokey flavor but sweet from pineapple and citrus. So delicious!

The Jalapeno had a GREAT flavor. I love the more full flavor jalapenos have when their left on the plant to ripen and this particular sauce shows that off. This sauce was definitely a not full of heat but concentrated more on flavor. I could have destroyed this whole bottle on these tacos.

The Verde sauce is sits high above most other Verde sauces that I’ve ever had. I had to look at the web site to find its lightly pack with variety of different peppers that complement each perfectly in a sea of tomatillo and lime juices. I thought it was pretty awesome.

The habanero sauce was just incredible! It was habanero but it was sweet. This may be the perfect pizza sauce (write that down).

This was a good evening for tacos.


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