TACO DAY 951/1000


We cooked up one of our favorite tacos for day 951, a round of @kogibbq style beef tacos.

First I sliced up a few new york steaks and let them rest in a bucket of sweet Kogi BBQ sauce. While the meat absorbed the kogi flavors I worked up a killer slaw using cabbage(green and purp) along with raddishes, carrots, soy sauce, rice vinegar, miran, lime juice/zest, Sriracha and a drop of sesame oil.

Next I mixed together a relish of sorts by chopping up cilantro, green onions, and the juice and zest of a couple limes.

On a toasted flour tortilla with built these tacos up with a huge helping of kogified new york steak strips followed by a scoop of tasty slaw, and cilantro/onion relish. I topped these tacos off with a drizzling of @huyfongfoods Chile Paste and a few sesame seeds.

These tacos were even better with the company of one of my oldest friends @travismoss1983 and his kiddos.



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