TACO DAY 974/1000


While these puffy tacos are some of the favorites among my family, they are a absolutely a pain to make but they’re sooooooooo good.

Besides the “puffy” tortilla these tacos are just your everyday run of the mill ground beef tacos with the deli lettuce(soaked in red vinegar with cilantro & pepper) chopped tomatoes, lime juice soaked white onions, and some shredded cheese. However, once the acutraments make their way into these crispy and flakey tortillas the whole game changes.

I make the puffy tortillas by first mixing together some water, lime juice and Maseca to create the masa. After the masa rests for a few minutes I flatten out the tortillas and in their raw flattened masa form I drop them into a really hot pot of oil. The pot needs to be big enough that I can surgically work the tortillas into shape without ruining their integrity. The first few seconds are crucial as the tortillas become extremely fragile and can rip apart very easily. After 15 to 20 seconds the tortillas become hard and brittle and are perfect puffed. 🥰

Next I delicately shovel in the fillings starting with a layer of @yucatanguac Peach Habanero guacamole, a scoop or 2 of @kindersflavors seasoned ground beef, lettuce, cheese, onion, tomatoes and several drops of the super-tasty small-batch Garlic-Jalapeno Hot Sauce from #heatinyourheart!

If you think these tacos look epic and you’re not interested in making them yourself I highly encourage you to visit the original puffy taco spot in San Antonio, TX @raysdriveinn or their Southern California cousins in Whittier at @arturospuffytaco, let them know the Taco Slayers sent you. 😉



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