TACO DAY 981/1000

Grilled Ancho Chicken Tacos

These are the chicken tacos I didn’t know i needed!

After grilling up a few chicken quarters on my @charbroilgrills I pulled the meat off and mixed the chicken with a smoked ancho chile paste.

Next, i prepped my flour tortillas with a lovely little cheese cruse and loaded them up with the grilled ancho chicken. A few sliced white onions and pinch of cilantro was added in next following a huge scoop of fresh guacamole and a handful of radish matchsticks.

Finally I popped the top on a fresh bottle of @arthurwaynehotsauce Haba Haba Dime Sauce featuring an incredible combination of my favorite peppers, Habanero and Fresnos, along with cayanne, white vinegar, carrots, tomatoes, and mango. This sauce was the perfect addition to these tacos and I can’t wait to use it again. 😋




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