TACO DAY 983/1000


How do you make your tacos dorados, do you roll them or fold them up?

We tried to figure out which one was better last night and you’re not going to be surprised by the answer. Because, they were both equally as tasty. 😋

I made some mashed potatos and seasoned them with @meatchurchbbqsupply Holy Voodoo before stuffing the potatos into a few @elcomalproducts corn tortillas. I rolled some and folded the others and fried all of them in a hot pan of oil.

Afterwards a topped them with a homemade chipotle cream sauce and cabbage (with cilantro &red wine vinegar) ,some lime soaked red onions, and a handful of queso fresco.

Call me weird but since these are some of my all time favorite tacos I dropped in a little hot sauce from a different bottle with each bite. Sometimes a hot ghost pepper sauce, other times a mild jalapeno sauce or a sweeter habaneros sauce I just love them all. 😍



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