TACO DAY 992/1000


Last night was an absolutely KILLER taco session with some of my all time favorites.

I picked up some pre seasoned adobada steak meat, jalapenos, a pineapple and these Wicked blue corn tortillas from my local carniceria, the belky meat market in Wildomar, CA.

At home I chopped, de-seeded, and stuffed the jalapenos full of queso fresco before wrapping them up in a fat slice of bacon. I cooked these in the oven for about 20 min at 350.

Outside, I fired up the @charbroilgrills and flame cooked the adobada and pineapple up to their proper temperatures while inside I chopped up my red onion, cilantro, and layered my blue tortillas with a little cheese.

I placed a mountain of grilled adobada into the tortilla with a huge bacon wrapped queso stuffed jalapeno, a little red onion ( soaked in lime juice), cilantro, and a chunk of grilled pineapple. To finish these tacos off I drizzled in the incredible combination of red Belizean habaneros, onion, garlic, and carrots that is the @mariesharpsusa FIERY HOT habanero sauce.

Soooo goood!!!



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