Post fire hike in the CLM


A couple weeks ago we sat back on our local mountain here in Wildomar watching what we thought was our beloved Teneja trails burn to the ground. It was our priority to see the aftermath. DSC_0120DSC_0599

It was must have been the incredible hard work fire fighters because the majority of the trails were solid. Even the wildlife felt it was a great time to be alive. Spotted a ton of snakes and many of them actually on the trail. Cant blame these coldblodded bastards. DSC_0631

Do you spot the rolled truck?DSC_0646DSC_0660DSC_0765

Lets talk trail grub. Most of the food we carry in our packs are bland, nothing with a ton of flavor. So we started packing pickles. DSC_0665DSC_0915

Now that we know Teneja didn’t burn down we can anticipate the insane amount of rain we’re expecting this year. The falls will be epic this year. If you’re down to bring your spray paint up here, try painting something epic and inspiring instead of your paint name. DSC_0883DSC_0678


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