We’ll call this place Graffiti Falls


Located about a mile south of Lytle Creek Rd. in the San Bernardino Mountains is a PRETTY little pair of water chutes called Bonita Falls.  The 1.5 mile out and in trail is marked as easy and we agree. The moon like landscape of the dry riverbed made for an entertaining trek to our destination. You’re either frustrated you can’t find your footing or super pumped to pretend the ground is lava and you hop boulders the whole way. DSC_0010

What we immediately noticed is: because the location is close to a few majors cities and the trail is within spitting distance from the main road then anybody who can cruise here with a 6pack of green bottles and a few spray cans and F*CK sh!t up. DSC_0992DSC_0016

“Pretty” Bonita Falls is littered with Ugly graffiti. It’s not that I hate graffiti, I just wish these ‘artists’ would paint something beautiful. I also wish they would pack out what the pack in. But regardless of the tagging, the vibes were solid.DSC_0021DSC_0022

And because there’s people that don’t care, there’s people on the other end of the spectrum that care double! The ladies in the bottom left corner were those people. These chicas filled several bags and lugged them out. Cheers to you 3!!! Free tacoslayers stickers if you reach out to us thetacoslayers@gmail.comDSC_0031DSC_0051

The falls are cool but when winter comes they will be epic! Be careful if you jump in any of these pools there’s broken glass everywhere. We’ll be back when we can see some snow and we’ll bring our own trash bags to contribute. DSC_0039

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