Apples, Acorns, and Berries. Oh my!


Logging many miles walking around the Cleveland National Forest we began to notice quite a few similar plant varieties. The curiousness resulted in learning ourselves up on a couple plant facts.


While most of the trails on the south side of the ortega hwy are lined with young Coastal Live Oak trees. These trees shed a solid supply of acorns and if you grave the urge to eat them here’s a link on how to prepare properly for them.


Have you ever encountered an apple growing on an acorn tree? These interesting little f*ckers are created when a type Cynipidae larve begin to eat away at the oak tree. The tree says “oh hell no” and starts growing these “oak apples” over the wound to protect any further damage. These things are super high in Tannins meaning they would be super bitter to taste and will definitely give you a rumbly in your tumbly.


I first started noticing these little guys in the poo of coyotes. I always saw them completely whole and never digested. Turns out these guys are called RED ELDERBERRY and they don’t like when you eat them. If you want to get diarrhea and maybe die, eat these.


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