3000 ft up to Sitton Peak


We’re getting closer to attempting our first ascend to the top of Mt. Baldy but not with out a little practice. On Wednesday we jumped at the opportunity to climb up to Sittons peak, located somewhere in the cleveland national forest.


We got to the trailhead around 9am and the weather was perfect. A larger group was forming in the parking lot so Jeremy, Charlie and myself immediately hit the path.

DSC_0570This hike was marked as a truck trail but we didn’t see that being an option to have a vehicle, other than a trail bike, up here. The trail was kept clean and the only litter we really encountered was in randomly unmarked “poop zones”. Lots of wild life was a good sign and although there were several signs for Rattlesnakes we didn’t encounter any. We did spot  a few blue California Scrub Jays and several gaggles of lizards. DSC_0654DSC_0601DSC_0692DSC_0708

Once we rounded the 4 corner junction the hike got pretty serious. DSC_0609

Even the dog was blown away at the trail leading to the summit, It was narrow and steep. My hiking partner for this particular day was going sock less and wearing a pair of OG vans and he wasn’t complaining so we hit the incline with everything we had. DSC_0627

After about 20 hard core minutes of pushing forward you reach the peak and all the hard work becomes worth it. We rested, signed the log,  and headed back down. All in all was about 5.5 hours in total. We will definitely be attacking the mountain again. DSC_0657DSC_0675

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