Trail Slayer Stickers

What kind of animal are you?! We are the taco eating, offroad walking, Trail Slaying type. And now we have a sticker to show it off. Backed with a topo map of one of our favorite secret hiking spots and featuring the majestic black bear with a sweet silhouette star and 2 lighting bolts filled with the power of Zeus.

This was  a great little concept to work on. After our first 4 Hex series decals I spent  a great deal of time wondering what would be next and what we could do to make the them better.DSC_1283

We had a great response with these guys on trail after passing them out on a few PCT sections. Those through-hikers are the real trail slayers, they’re such animals. DSC_1281

These “Trail Slayer” stickers are made of high quality vinyl material and laminated with space age clear protection to help against weather wear or bear attack damage. These decals are perfect for your hydroflask, laptop, car window, stop sign, peak cache box or toolbox……..oopps not a stop sign, definitely not a stop sign.


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