10,000 feet up for the first time, Mt. Baldy

Sun’s up, plaids up.

Summiting Baldy for the first time ever we definitely came prepped to do battle with the mountain. We each brought enough water, snacks, and layers to be stranded in these hills for days. DSC_1432

If you choose to hike up the mt. San Antonio via the Baldy loop through the ski lodge, just know theres little-to-no coolness hiking up a ski slope, in my opinion. Thats not saying it wasn’t a challenge.


If you’re looking for great advice on hiking this loop, check out The Hiker Guys report, https://hikingguy.com/hiking-trails/best-la-hikes/mt-baldy-hike/


The funnest part of this adventure was “devils backbone”. Its a ridge line point of the trail with questionable dropoffs on each side. Each year a we loose a couple adventurest here, but in normal conditions the risk is minimal.DSC_1470DSC_1528

Our adventure started at about 6am and we summited the mountain at 10am and we were back at the car by about 2pm. We took a couple long stops to ‘gram’ up the landscape, wild animals, and creeks but overall made great time for traveling 11 miles on foot.. Once you make it close to the bottom take the opportunity to dunk your head under the San Antonio Falls. Don’t pee in the waterfall.DSC_1583

We designed and printed up the Peak Slayer sticker weeks ago, but it was important to picture it on a legit peak for its debut shot. DSC_1543DSC_1535DSC_1602DSC_1625DSC_0015

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