Los Pinos: Lake Elsinore’s Best View



After killing a few chicken tacos for lunch, we geared up for one of our favorite local hikes throughout the Inland Valley. Somewhere within the Cleveland National forest and along an endless paved fire road you will come to a turnout for an offroad fire way. On a lucky day this turnout will be open and with the right type of machine you can drive the extra 2 miles up instead of walking them……….On this day we had the right machine and it was well worth it.


The sky was full of clouds really the only reason for our excursion. DSC_0597

The hike itself is minimal. 4 miles along the ridge of a couple smaller hills.


We took the opportunity to use the side trail that runs you through the spooky trees at the beginning of the hike. Do not fret as you meet up with the main trail almost as soon as you leave it.



The Views of Lake Elsinore are epic if you’re into epic views of Lake Elsinore. The Peak of the Los Pinos is hidden through some bushes and if you didn’t know it was there you’d walk right past it, kind of like the batcave.


There you are greeted yet again to some epic views. You have clear views of the ocean and inland valley but whats really on display is the entire Cleveland National Forest.


Clear views of Mt. Santiago and Sitton Peak and the entire ortega hwy.



We left a cash of stickers in the registry box but that may be gone by now. Bring the dog, bring the kids, bring lots of water. Get off your ass and get in touch with mother nature.


Thanks for stopping by, Hike On!

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