October 27th 2018…..Our Wedding Day

I promised her a short engagement. I wanted her to know how serious I was. We had discussed our wedding day hundreds of times before and ultimately  wanted our day to be about  our little family.

For us, the best the best scenario would be a little cabin in the woods with our kids and dog. Turns out that we could easily make that happen with the money would save from doing a larger ceremony.

Literally at the last minuet, we decided to rent an Air BnB in our favorite and most special forest. The San Jacinto Wilderness near Idyllwild, CA. Shannon and the girls went fancy clothes shopping and William and I went on a hunt for matching ties. We quietly snuck away Friday morning to our little cabin in the woods and it was there we realized, THIS WAS THE BEST DECISION EVER! There was no stress, no pressure, and we were surrounded with the people we love most.

We treated our wedding day like it was much bigger. We dressed up, we decorated, we took turns taking photos, we even had our friends come up to make the wedding official and writing the most incredible vows ever. Basically enough to keep us in smiling tears throughout the ceremony. And then,  in true TACO SLAYER fashion,  we are pronounced ‘married’ for the first time as the climax of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody screamed through the trees.

Take a look at our photos of the most amazing day ever, my wedding day, and remember that no matter what happens in life never EVER put water on a grease fire.



DSC_0600 copyDSC_0667DSC_0689DSC_0738 copyDSC_0753DSC_0770 copyDSC_0787 copyDSC_0790 copyDSC_0795 copyDSC_0813 copyDSC_0821 copyDSC_0827 copyDSC_0831 copyDSC_0846DSC_0876 copyDSC_0894

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