Only he didn’t say fudge!

We got so much response for our Fudge it Stickers that we decided to add a few more and make a whole sticker pack. Fudge it, grab a sticker and go hiking!

Let’s Hike 6 Sticker, Sticker Pack – A 6 Sticker Pack + 1 Bonus Mini Sticker Sheet from The TacoSlayers

The Sticker Pack contains:

1 Classic “F*ck it, I’m going Hiking” sticker

1 Shield “F*ck it, I’m going Hiking” sticker

1 Smokey Says “F*ck It” Sticker

1 Get The F*ck Outside Sticker

1 Take A f*cking Hike Sticker

1 F*ck it, lets Hike sticker

AND!!!!!!!    1 Bonus Sticker sheet with mini versions of all those 6 stickers!!!!

For your purchase, you will receive 6 stickers and a mini sticker sheet with 6 mini stickers.

Printed with:

– Glossy Vinyl
– All-Weather Lamination
– Die Cut Design
– Vivid Colors

Super Fast SHIPPING!!

Designed and Produced in the USA

TacoSlayers provide high quality all weather stickers to our valued customers.

Bulk orders are available

Customized orders are also available

Taco Slayer Fuckit4Taco Slayer Fuckit6Taco Slayer Fuckit5Taco Slayer Fuckit3Taco Slayer Fuckit2Taco Slayer Fuckit1Taco Slayer Etsy Fuckit pack

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