One last 2018 Goal: Achieved!

At the beginning of the year, while wondering around the San Gabriel Wilderness with Bald Jeremy, he mentioned it would awesome to hit a peak and the slay tacos at the top….. It was in fact the greatest idea I’d heard in along time. While it took us a while to get the safest and best equipment to use, we finally made it happen.

With our entire posse together, healthy and feeling motivated we hit the San Mateo Wilderness with our Jet Boil MiniMo and a couple pounds of Carne Asada! About 20 min in to the hike, rain hit us and basically never stopped. Which is cool because thats our mentality, we had no intention to stop. We were going to have Tacos on top that mountain, no matter what. The trail to San Mateo peak from the Morgan trail head is 2 miles and 4miles round trip.

Slay The Trails, Slay the Peaks, Slay the Tacos

Happy New Year!

From the Butcharts,

Bilbur, Betty, Bobby, Bilbus, & Beatrice

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