That San Bernardino Peak Hike

The San Bernardino peak is the smaller sister to San Gorgonio. Standing at 10,649′ tall the San bernardino Peak trail is the best route to the top……for a set of rookies like us. Most other blogs estimate 8 hours but it took us around 10 hours…….We’re slow, we take lots of breaks, we definitely take it all in.

The San Bernardino Peak Trail is off leash friendly and the tacoslayer ambassador dog, CHARLIE, loves that. First section of the hike is the Switchbacks where you eventually get to the “Welcome to the Wilderness:” Sign. The hike up was consistent through manzanita flats and limber pines. From the Limber Pines Campground on up, to me, is the best part. The variety of views overlooking the southland are beyond epic. The last mile is full of “MuStops”. The Rock Bench Vista Point provides the best location on the mountain to do a quick chakra alignment while the Washington monument is just a pile of junk and rocks left behind.

While at the peak, we had the opportunity to bond with other hikers. Another reminder about how awesome the vibes are on trail.



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