Cactus to Clouds (We were just training to do it again)

On May 1st we planned to attempt C2C for the first time. We started at the Museum around 3am. Tons of research before hand. We read blogs, downloaded maps, watched the videos but this is the real deal. It really is a  non-stop up-hill climb from sea level to the top of Mt. San Jacinto. YOu definitely need to be fit physically to handle this beast of a trail.

We carried 4 liters of water each and were prepared with all of our hiker essentials. “The Hiker Guy” laid out a killer guide to slay this trail also. Even though we knew what to expect, we had no idea what to expect.DSC_0027

Our mid week adventure squad was planned at 3 people. My buddy Jeremy, my wife Shannon, and myself. DSC_0064

A few miles in and past the benches we had a solo hiker, Narddog, join us making our crew 4.DSC_0111


After 7.5 miles of hiking you hit flat rock and the action really starts to begin. The incline starts to feel like stairs, like stairs going into the attic. DSC_0148DSC_0228

Coffman’s CragDSC_0237


After a short break to grab permits, we headed off to Round Valley. Our break was either too long or not long enough because after we arrived in round valley we decided to end our hike.  We were much slower than expected and really counted on catching the tram down. It’s like Ex Governor Schwarzenegger always says, “I’ll Be Back”. We hiked 9300 feet up San Jacinto and put in 14 miles total. DSC_0322




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