HEY TACO SLAYERS!! A thing happened a few days ago. A buddy mentioned to me in passing that its odd we don’t have more taco content, after all we ARE the TacoSlayers.  Well, I took that comment real REAL serious. Decided that I would go on the ultimate taco purge. 97 Days ago i committed to eating atleast 1 taco every day.

In the first 20 days it seemed difficult to come up with creative solutions that were within our budget. This EAT TACOS EVERY DAY Challenge is not suppose to impact the bank account. My family thought I was crazy but my wife has completely embraced it and helps me out every day (Shannon’s the actual cook). She loves a good challenge just as much as I do.

Over 90 days of tacos have passed and we’ve seen an insane variety and learned a ton. From our house we’ve made Classics like: Carne Asada, Classic Ground Beef, pollo asada, shredded chicken, beef Barbacoa, shrip, ceviche, fish, Al Pastor, and Carnitas. We’ve have tried corn tortillas, flour tortillas, cheese tortillas, bacon tortillas, hard shells, soft shells, small shells and big shells. We’ve made plenty of them without even using meat like: sweet and spicy broccoli, cauliflower, squash, and avocado.

The problem is now that we’ve completely emerced ourself in learning about tacos that our options for TOMORROWS taco are not even close to being limited. Our options are plentiful and we look forward to what the future brings.

Here’s 15 of our last few Tacos. PROTIP: get a tissue before you scroll.


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