I AM THE PEAK SLAYER! Sitton Peak ch. 1

I have been working on, what I thought, was a cool and unique Peak Bagging sticker for sometime now. Over the past couple years i’ve come up with a couple designs that in concept looked cool but didn’t translate to print at all. It was important, to me, to incorporate both a photo and peak info as well as featuring a design that could be placed together flawlessly with other stickers from the same series.


Naturally I had to feature my very first peak, first.


Sitton Peak sits humbly at 3,273 feet and marks the highest point of the San Mateo Canyon Wilderness. As a resident of the Inland Valley, about 25 min north of the trail head, It was an obvious choice for our first attempt at taller marked summit. Know years since the first time we hiked it and we’ve have been to the top countless times with my wife, my children, my friends, by my self or with my dog.


From the Ortega Oaks Candy Store its a brisk 5 mile journey to the top and 5 miles back if you take the Bear Canyon Trail or you could take the much longer Morgan Trail which would put you at almost 18 miles round trip. Either way, be safe and enjoy this peak as much as we do.


Help to keep these trails clean every adventure you take, EVERY hike is a clean up event.

If you like this sticker, it’s available for purchase at our etsy store, just hit the link at the top.



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