TacoVlog Day 357 – WAHOO’S FISH TACOS!

Day 357: @wahoosfishtaco !!! On a podcast with @showusyourtaco a few weeks back I mention I’d love to visit a Wahoos before my first Taco Year is complete, so he reached out to Wahoo’s and made it happen! Next thing I know, we’re at Wahoo’s Fish Taco in Norco California and we’re sampling the Wahoo, the fried shrimp, and the chipotle chicken! Absolutely and incredible experience to talk about the wahoos history and lore with district manager Billy and hear of the norcos store partnership with @famousstarsandstraps @travisbarker with store manager Eric. Can’t wait to show you the video recap on Monday. This taco day has been epic! Thank you @wahoosfishtaco for being apart of my journey to 1000 straight days of tacos! @ Wahoo’s Fish Taco #wahoosfishtaco #tacotuesday #tacos

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