TacoVlog Day 362: Tacos at Sitton Peak with Chef Jeremy Belshaw & TRVRS Outdoor’s Aar Jay Soria

Day 362: summit tacos!!! Met up with my buddies @chefboyrbpop from @pacificcrestcatering and @_kicks_rocks from @trvrsoutdoors for some epic taco slaying on top of sitton peak. Chef Jeremy suggested I just handle tortillas and he would take care of the cooking, but before the cooking even started he covered some watermelon slices in agave, lime zest, mint, and a garlic serrano oil. Then as we snacked on that watermelon deliciousness, RJ whipped up some incredible Paloma cocktails to enjoy with our catered meal. My peak top tortillas need some work but they served as a perfect vessel for the Chef’s carne asada and homemade salsa verde. Topped these tacos off with some onions, cilantro, queso fresca, a spicy crema and a little hotsauce for good measure. One of the coolest taco experiences to date. Thanks @chefboyrbpop and @_kicks_rocks for making this happen. #1000daysoftacos #tacotuesday #tacos

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