Taco Day 385: carne asada and pollo asado tacos, back yard brewing and some salsa sampling! My friends are opening up a brewery in redlands california, @ourbrew , and while construction is underway at their building, we got together for a little taco/beer session at their house where their brewing adventure first started. @ourbrew_amanda grilled up some meat awesomely to perfection and hooked up all the acutraments for a proper taco slaying. They even had @burnetts_bbq bring over a tasty variety of salsas that took our taco sesh to the next level. @ourbrew_john even let me get involved with the brewing process as their newest experimental beer. After a few weeks this beer will be infused with cilanto & lime and will likely be the perfect beer for pairing with tacos at the summit of a mountain, side of a creek, or at home on a Tuesday…… know, thats just my unbiased opinion though 😉 . Looking forward to showing how the magic happened with fresh taco vlog coming in on Monday. #1000daysoftacos #ourbrew @ Redlands, California

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