TacoVlog: A 365 Day Taco Journey

This video is about my adventure eating tacos every day for 365 days. I started this out barely knowing my way around a kitchen and now, I can make tacos…..yey! Thanks to everyone whos joined me for tacos or followed me along the way. This next tacos for you. #tacotuesday#tacos#tacoslayers DAY 365!!!!! first year of tacos is complete!!! To celebrate we cooked up 4 different types of tacos and had my taco brother Bryce and the @showusyourtaco family over for some tastings. Perhaps we went over board but it was well worth it. 1st tacos was a chimichurri marinated steak taco with a thick layer of chimichurri sauce dunked over the top. 2nd taco was a slow Dutch oven cooked carnitas over a fat helping of guacamole and topped with salsa verde and a bacon wrapped and queso fresca stuffed jalapenos. 3rd taco was a pollo asada on a generious pile of guac and topped with pickled red onions. 4th taco was a texas style street barbacoa on a flour tortilla with cilantro, raw onions, and some salsa. Such an awesome day to celebrate with such world class peoples. Lookin forward to the next 635 days!

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