The Taco Slayer plans to Slay a Taco World Record THIS November


October 4th 2020

Life long taco fanatic and self proclaimed taco connoisseur, Will Mattox from Wildomar California, sets out to break the “TACOS EVERYDAY WORLD RECORD” by eating tacos everyday for over 500 days consecutively. As of today, Oct. 21th 2020, Mattox has eatin over 466 days worth of tacos and looks to beat the World Record on Nov. 22, 2020. The current record was set in 2017 by Michael Durbin, a resident of Texas. 
“I’m just blown away at how far this has come”, Mattox describes his journey to ‘1000 Days of Tacos’ with no real culinary knowledge or photography skills he brought to the table 465 days ago. Now he’s making top notch taquero worthy creations and photographing them everyday and sharing the content to his many followers on Instagram, Facebook, his website and even videos on youtube. 
The TACO SLAYER, as the internet refers to Mattox, has already taken his taco slaying on the road. He and his wife, Shannon, have traveled up the coast to San Francisco looking for the best baja style taco in California. They’ve hiked to the top of Southern California’s tallest peaks (San Gorgonio Peak & San Jacinto Peak) and had taco sessions amongst the clouds and trees. The Taco Slayers even have a beer named after Mattox’s 400 Taco Day achievement, appropriately called the TACOSLAYER400, made from Redlands California Brewers OUR BREW. They’ve featured products from Melinda’s food, Hi Spice Hot Sauces, Haha Hot Sauce and spotlighted taco joints like the Evil Cooks in Los Angeles and Wahoo’s Fish Tacos of Costa Mesa. 
In less than 50 days, Mattox will bring the coveted ‘Taco World Record’ home to California and he has no intentions on stopping for another 500 days after that, ensuring nobody will beat this new record for a very long time.

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