TACO DAY 492/1000


if you’ve lived in the southern california area called the inland empire in the last 65 years then there’s no doubt you’ve made a pit stop into one of Glen Bell’s original taco bell concepts, Taco Tia. Taco Tia took the the best ideas(stole) from Mitlas Cafe in downtown San Bernardino and turned them into simple quick Mexican dishes that could be served quickly and fast.

Those classic teal and white colors of with the bright red “Taco Tia” lighting up orange street.in Redlands, CA.

For me, Taco Tia was the very first taco spot my dad ever took me too that he regarded as “his” go to taco spot. The tacos were similar to del tacos only bigger and better tasting. Their beans always seemed to be fresh and they only served you hot sauce in these little plastic containers. My dad would get the combo cup, a mix of beans, cheese, and ground beef that he would dip his French fries in, then let all his taco dripping make their way into the bowl before finishing it up last and leaving no crumb uneaten.

My Lovely Wife Shannon Check out the Classic Menu of Taco Tia with their signature kitchen to dining area wall.

The nostalgia was real yesterday from the moment we drove in. From the interior to the menu everything was the same, even those little hot sauce containers right down to the hot sauce that was in them. I grabbed a hardshell ground beef, a hard shell bean, and a street style carnitas taco. And they were all exactly as I remember: delicious, crunchy (not stale), and better quality than most “fast food” joints I’ve been too.

Hard Shell Shredded Beef Taco, Soft Carnitas Tacos, Hard Shell Ground Beef Taco But definitely don’t forget the Combo Cup.

This Taco Tia location in Redlands California is officially the very last of its kind. Don’t take things for granted and go grab a combo cup with extra sauce for my old man.

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