TACO DAY 666/1000


The most wicked of all the taco days has finally made it here. I’ve been literally pondering what to make for this day for the longest time and in the end I had to ask for help. Lots of people suggested I make an extremely spicy taco with some carolina reapers and so thats where we started.

The evilest thing on this taco would be the wild reaper infused salsa macha. With dried passillas , chile arbol, carolina reapers, garlic, nuts, and oil we mixed up a pretty awesome looking and great tasting concoction.

The rest of the taco would be based on the memory of a bulgogi taco I had in Houston a couple weeks ago from @ohmygogi_htx with tasty sweet beef, a fried egg, killer cabbage slaw, topped with cilantro/green onions and a spicy cream made with @hahahotsauce by @yatescomedy.

This taco definitely had zero shortage of heat factors.


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