TACO DAY 670/1000


Dropped into my local grocery store yesterday looking for a a little motivation for dinner. What I found was arracherra steak meat on sale, smoked sausage on sale,  bacon on sale, and chicken on sale and figured it was going to be a wild evening to bbq it allllllll up.

As soon as I got home I fired up the @charbroilgrills and got to wrapping up those bacon, jalapeno, queso poppers. Once the grill was ready I slapped some meat on and continued chopping and dicing up onions, cilantro, and cucumbers.

I also took the opportunity to pop open a fresh bottle of THE BOWSE from @tacticalories . The BOWSE sauce is a combo of hop flavors, chipotle and habaneros giving it an absolutely solid flavor profile. I used the sauce to make a dipping cream for the bacon rollies utilizing a little sour cream, mayo, cilantro, lime juice and a few squirts of the Sauce.

Once I returned to the grilling meat, my loyal bbq security and official Meat tester was still keeping guard until my return. She required a payment of 1 sausage link. 😋

The taco it’s self was simple, just a corn tortilla heated in red hot chili oil and coated with the spicy cream followed by generous helpings of steak, chicken, and sausage. On top of the meat sat the diced cilantro, onions, cucumber, a big ol’ scoop of @yucatanguac and finally some drizzles of the BOWSE!

AND just like the sauce this taco was BOSS!


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