TACO DAY 671/1000


Recently my Uncle, who’s currently enjoying retirement in Mexico, reached out to me and threw a solid recommendation my direction in the shape of these Wachukiss habanero hot sauces.

I figure these sauces would go best on a pair of carne asada tacos with cheesy tortillas, guacamole, black beans, cilantro, and onions. Wachukiss had 3 different flavors and I opted to test out all of them with their own taco. The first test was the red “habanero hot sauce ” which had a strong pepper flavor but not a ton of heat. Next was “toasted habanero salsa” which had much more of a smokey flavor and thicker consistency which again had some delicious pepper flavors but no over the top heat. Lastly I finished up my last taco with the OG of the bunch the “habanero salsa” which was with out a doubt my favorite. I think I’d like to give these sauces another test with a seafood taco but they were tasty and relatively inexpensive. I found these we at my local @grocery_outlet


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