TACO DAY 673/1000 Cute Clementine Chicken Tacos

TACO DAY 673/1000

Cute Clementine Chicken Tacos

I went to the store earlier in the day as I was dead set on attempting orange chicken tacos, but in all preparation I forgot to get oranges. However sitting in a fruit basket on our kitchen counter was an orange pile of cuties that would definitely get the job done.

I started the meal by prepping the cabbage slaw. Cabbage, red cabbage, broccoli,  and carrots went into a bowl followed closely by soy sauce, chile paste, miran, white vinegar, and pepper. Next I made a little relish of green onions,  cilantro, and lime that would be used as a garnish.

Before prepping the chicken I mixed together my Cutie sauce using some corn starch, miran, cutie zest and cutie juice, vinegar, sugar, pepper, and chile arbol. The last thing to finish up was the chicken which recieved a quick fry after soaking in egg and dredging into a corn starch and flour mixture. When the meat was fried to completion, I tossed it around in the homemade Clementine sauce until it was evenly coated then dropped it right onto a waiting corn tortilla.


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