TACO DAY 689/1000


Last night we made one of the quickest to prepare tacos, though it’s definitely one of the best tasting.

I picked up a few new york steaks  earlier that we simply seasoned with pepper and salt before dropping onto the grill. They cooked with maximum flame for just a few minutes on each side before we dropped them into a bath of Red miso, sugar, pepper, rice wine and salt. I flipped the steaks in the miso mixture making sure to coat each side while it’s piping hot to get all the flavors in absorbed.

While the meat rested I sliced and  diced a head of Napa cabbage and poured rice vinegar, sesame oil, lime juice, and crushed red peppers all over it. We also mixed together a sour cream, mayo, and Wasabi mixture and heated up the corn tortillas in spicy chile oil.

Once this epic taco was constructed I topped it off with some classic @mariesharpsusa Habanero Pepper Sauce for the extra heat that I needed and BOOOOM, satisfaction.


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