TACO DAY 691/1000


I was craving these tacos sooo badly after having one last week. Nothing crazy but super delicious and makes a nice pallet for piling in veggies.

The chicken was quickly cooked by searing it first on both sides for 4 minutes before dumping in a can of green chiles and chicken broth into the pan, covering it, and continuing to cook for 10 min or until the chicken reached an internal temperature of about 165°. Then I let it sit for 3 min before I pulled out and shredded it up and set it to the side.

These particular tacos would only require the simple gear for its mission into the unknown. I’m talking tomatoes, cilantro, @yucantanguac , fancily shredded cheddar cheese , and gobs of @magohotsauce ghost pepper hot sauce. The @elcomalproducts tortillas we fried up in spicy hot oil and giving it a solid crisp on each side.

These tacos didn’t stick around for long as everyone in the family enjoyed the custom options and killed them all quickly.


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