TACO DAY 692/1000


I spent the better part of yesterday walking back and forth to my little charcoal/wood smoker to verify my smoking temperature was on point. And after 12 solid hours my brisket and Burnt ends were ready for an epic taco creation.

The burnt ends are from the point of the brisket that I separated and smoked independently from the flat. Once the brisket point hits an internal temperature of 165 I pulled it off the smoker and wrapped it in peach butcher paper and returned it to the smoker. Then once it hit 185 I pulled it off again and chopped it into cubes and added brown sugar, bbq sauce, butter, coke and apple cider vinegar before returning to the smoker for carmalization. 

Also hidden on the smoker was a large pile of serrano peppers. I wanted the smoke to infuse into the serranos to make a killer smoked salsa verde which was definitely a pro move that I saw on a YouTube video. I mixed the peppers with tomatillos, onion, cilantro, salt and lime juice together and was sooo tasty.

Next I boiled up some water, apple cider vinegar,  salt, sugar and poured it over some unsuspecting sliced red onions before taking this taco to completion. 

The sweet brisket meat rested on a homemade corn tortilla with a large spoonful of salsa verde. Upon the salsa sits a pile of pickled red onions and that’s all that was need for these tasty little treats. 


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