TACO DAY 697/1000


I’ve been doing this taco thing now for almost 700 days and we’re just now getting to pork belly al pastor, my sincerest apologies.

I started the day by firing up the @masterbuilt bullet smoker with some b&Bs charcoal. While the fire was heating up I rubbed the belly real good like with a variety of spices. At 215° the pork belly went in and smoked for about 6 hours before I yanked it off and cubed the meat up and mixed it with my al pastor marinad before dropping it back into the smoker for another few hours.

While the pork belly was finishing I chopped up cilantro, onions, and   some pineapple that spend some time on the grill. Also, i mashed up a few avocados and mixed them together with a tomatillo,  cilantro, garlic, onion, and serranos for a pretty tasty guac.

Finally I pieced it all together is some super fresh corn tortillas that I pressed and cooked with masa I picked up from my local @cardenasmarkets .

Absolutely blown away with the flavor of the pork belly al pastor. The texture was so good and it paired perfectly with all the other common al pastor taco accoutrements.


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