TACO DAY 704/1000

@kochis_kitchen Birria De Rez Tacos

Last night we spent the evening at @ourbrew in Redlands, CA debuting the TacoSlayer700 Collab brew. On hand preparing incredible Birria was Chris and his wife from @kochis_kitchen .

The meat had been slow cooked for HOURS before they arrived at the brewery and it was freaking tasty. Each taco started with a pair of corn tortillas that get dipped into the consume sauce and dropped on to a flat top. A generious helping of birria de rez graced the tortillas before being topped in fresh cilantro and onion. Next a couple drizzles of both red and green sauces hit the tacos and a side of consume is added to the plate.

Chris from Kochis knew i had a thing for heat so he passed on a tiny container of his homemade chile oil which really set this taco on fire. Also available was a side of pickled red onions made their way to my tacos as well. Sooooo freaking good.


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