TACO DAY 707/1000

@sanchostacos & @wahoosfishtaco of Huntington Beach

For Father’s Day this year I convinced my kids to take me out for my favorite meal…..that’s right Tacos!!!

First we headed to Sanchos Tacos right off the PCH. I’ve been looking at Sanchos for the longest time and it’s been recommended time and time again. Their dining area was covered with epic art from @koolhandlukeart . We ordered up a couple of their premiere SURF & TURF tacos stuffed full with seasoned tritip steak, shrimp, cabbage, and a spicy cream sauce. Already super tasty I had to turn up the heat with some of their 5150 signature sauce.

After crossing the hwy and checking out the pier we made our way to Wahoo’s just off Main Street. This time I ordered up the fried Alaskan flounder and a fuego carnitas taco. Both required an extra zap of Mr. Lee’s Chile Sauce because it’s just the best.

We continued walking around in search of some killer churros before making our way back home, needless to say Best Father’s ever!


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